Families! Many of us dream of the family we may have from a very early age. Family means different things to many people. And each family has special pieces. Focusing on what is essential to a family is everything. We can spend our lives running, so it is something fantastic when we take a moment to slow down and capture some of these fantastic loving moments.

I say capture your family in a photograph

Time goes by so fast, and before we know it, our babies are no longer babies. I say, take the time to slow down. Remind yourself what is important to you in your day with your family. Is it reading that book at night, making jokes at the supper table, or having a water fight in the bath. It may be to have a pillow fight in the middle of the day. Whatever it is for you and your family, I say capture your family in a photograph. Put it on your wall, stare at it, smile at it, and LOVE it.

In this shoot with Oliver, Roxy, and Melanie, we did that. It was everything that a celebration of a shoot should be. They love each other so much it was easy to capture many precious moments that will last them forever.

seeing a human to human family connection

Melanie’s celebration with her son Oliver is exceptional. Melanie truly loves their connection, and taking that time with him means everything to her. I know in life most people need to work and formulate a balance, but Melanie and Oliver have that balance. From the giggle on the bed to the time taken to read on the sofa, seeing a human to human family connection with so much joy and love in something wonderful to see.

When you explore what is valued to someone’s emotion, a photograph means so much more. Look at the photographs in this post, what do they mean to you? Have you ever wanted a photograph or cinematic movie captured the way you are rather than being posed? I know I have, and that’s the way I’d like to be photographed.

As a Calgary family photographer

As a Calgary family photographer, I value the organicness in a photographs. I believe in real moments and real photographs which can also be seen in my wedding photography. Spending time with my clients in their every day environment brings out real art. Melanie, Oliver, and Roxy’s interactions, love, understanding and playful fun have become an art piece in their home. It is on the wall for them to see and view every single day. How amazing is this?

Don’t wait one more minute; try something new. Go on, go…


Calgary family photography celebrated as Wall Art in their family home.This Fabulous Collection Piece Is Now Celebrated And Loved Everyday
In The Home Of
Oliver, Melanie & Roxy

Toddler and Mom laugh together photographed by Calgary family and portrait photographers Mom and son playing and laughing together captured by Calgary portrait photographer Black and white photography by Calgary toddler family photographers Toddler boy with puppy dog and mom playings on their bed Calgary family toddle photographers captured toddler and mom by the front door to their home Toddle and Mommy with puppy dog kissing by the window captured by Calgary photographers Toddler boy in the air as airplane on moms feet photographed by Calgary family photographers Mom and son laughing and playing together. Calgary professional photos Toddler and Mom photography shoot captured by Calgary family and toddler photographers Mom looking out of the family home window as toddler reads. Mom and toddler son laughing together and reading captured by family Calgary photographers


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