Today, we are welcoming baby Adrian to Bita and Payman’s family and what an incredible baby newborn shoot it was.

I have two boys called Henry and Charlie, and to those who know about and of me, you will know that family is everything to me. When I get to photograph a newborn baby, I knew how precious these moments are to parents.

Time passes by so fast as a parent, but a baby or young child can often go so slowly. Any parent will know that lack of sleep (well for most new parents) is just a given, but yet without moments like these seen in this post, you’ll never remember them unless they were photographed and documented for you.

You can use your mobile device, but rarely are you in the shot and or photographs are not captured this way.

Bita and Payman took time out of their Calgary day as they knew how important this was, and they celebrated their shoot to be showcased in an album. Products are everything, be it a piece of Wall Art or and Album. To print your photographs is key.

Book your session today so that I can learn what is important to you and capture those precious moments in time. Or, if you first have a question, I’d love to hear from you by my contact form or better yet give me a call at Calgary 587 437 8255.


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