Photographed in Banff, the famous Canadian Rockies for Kiely and Craig’s family photography session was fantastic.

We had so much fun and laughter; it was almost too much fun. Who am I kidding, with families there’s never too much fun.

Living in Calgary, the foothills to one of the most stunning regions in the world, taking the time in the summer or winter months for a family shoot in the Canadian Rockies, is totally worth it.

Craig’s oldest daughter is now eleven, yet we spoke about how grown up she is, and this photoshoot allowed what means everything to him to photographed as if time now stood still. As parents, we want to savor all moments but imagine these photographs now celebrated on one’s wall as Artwork. WOW. Just amazing always seeing what you love, every single day. How awesome is that?

Enjoy this stunning Banff family photography shoot, and if you want your family photographed in the mountains in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, contact me today or book in your shoot.


Celebrating in print your mountain photography experience.

This stunning OKES Portraits London Collection is a fine artwork piece

that celebrates the complete family.


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