I photographed Adam and Misty’s wedding 10 years ago, and Adam reached out requesting candid family photos. They now have three kids — Evy, the oldest child who is six years old and a hugger, Teigan, a four-year-old, spirited girl, and Quinn, their 14-month-old baby boy.

Capturing lighthearted, unposed photos of this family, constantly laughing, was such a pleasure.

The Intention for Family Photos

I talked to Adam about what he wanted from this shoot — what his family meant to him. Capturing Adam reading with the kids was very important. They don’t often have the time to read together as an entire family. To take an afternoon to photograph images of them together, interacting as a family, was one of Adam’s goals. In addition, he wanted the love to be photographed — between Adam and his wife, Misty, and their three young children. He wanted to preserve their family interactions with unposed family photos, from Misty’s big green eyes to the way baby Quinn grabs Adam’s face.

Their Playful Interactions

Teigan was more of a rough and tumble type during the shoot, a free spirit jumping here and there. On the other hand, Evy was soft and loved reading. For instance, Evy hugged Nova, their lively Labrador Retriever, throughout the shoot. Quinn on occasion stole the show with his young charm.

Misty grew up on a farm and her dream was for her kids to have the same open space and lifestyle as she had growing up. Consequently, this is where we stepped outside to capture playful, candid photos of the family. There is lots of space with a beautiful garden and endless possibilities.

Misty and Adam’s family filled this Calgary family photoshoot with lots of laughter, slobbery kisses from Nova, Teigan jumping up and down on the bed, reading sweet books together as a family, and tossing fluffy snow around.

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