Portrait Portrait Shoot


First impressions are important, very important. You may be looking for a headshot for your business, a dating site, a job interview, or a website. Whatever the need, Geoff at OKES Portraits will discuss your vision and capture that for you, leaving a fantastic impression on those in your professional or personal life.

For all shoots, I highly suggest hiring a hair and makeup stylist. If you would like To do so, please purchase my BRANDING collection, which includes a professional hair and makeup styling artist.


What is included within the booking session fee:

  1. Photography Shoot
  2. Basic edit of photographs that will be showcased to you during your photo reveal.
  3. Photo reveal from your photography shoot. From here, you select the photographs that you would like to purchase.


After the photo(s) have been purchased at the purchasing session, OKES Portraits will retouch the photos in preparation for you to use.


Have a question before you book? Please phone Geoff at OKES Portraits at 587 437 8255 as I’d be more than happy to discuss your shoot ahead of booking.

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